The Mother Tree (Class 2 English Unit 3)

Theme: Harmony of Nature
Sub theme: Love and care for fellow beings.
Learning Outcomes:
The learner will be able to:
- identify natural objects such as tree, fire, wind, cloud, rain etc. which appear as characters.
- identify the names of trees and plants in his/her surroundings.
- write the thoughts and feelings of characters.
- read and comprehend simple stories and poems.
- read and enjoy simple graphic stories. - write a conversation between the characters in a story.
- describe things and situations in oral and written forms.
- undertake simple project work to make an album of leaves.
- make puppets using available materials (hand puppet, finger puppet)
Language Elements/Vocabulary
- Prepositions like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘of’, etc. - Present progressive form of the verbs (crawling, jumping, blowing, burning, coming, running, moving, happening, etc.)
- Adjective forms like: ‘bigger and bigger’, ‘larger and larger’, ‘higher and higher’, ‘taller and taller’, ‘deeper and deeper’ etc.
- Vocabulary related to nature, fire, wind, cloud, rain, etc.
- Asking questions beginning with ‘What’, ‘How’, ‘Where’, etc.

'The Mother Tree' is a story which focuses on the need for protecting and loving our fellow beings. The story tells us about the close relationship between a neem tree and a family of birds. The story is rich with new images and ideas.
The learners are expected to develop qualities such as love, empathy, kindness, faithfulness, etc. for all fellow beings.

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