Who is our Neighbour? [Class 2 Unit 5]

This unit ‘Who is Our Neighbour?’ consists of a story and a poem with five activities, one project and a story in the reading corner for self-reading.
The story deals with the importance of values namely love, care and sharing. This will help learners to become aware that living for others will also give pleasure. And that we can also spread happiness in the entire world with our selfless actions. For the transaction of this unit, pictures and activities related to the context can be used. Interactions related to play items/toys and games will give more exposure in the target language and help us to inculcate the value of gender equality among the learners.

Theme: Human relations
Sub theme: Loving others and being loved, sharing, innocence of children.
Learning Outcomes:
The learner will be able to:
• Predict events by rational observation.
• Introduce himself/herself and others.
• Describe events and pictures using appropriate vocabulary.
• Describe one's possessions.
• Identify and describe the position of objects and persons.
• Use correct forms of action words.
• Talk about actions in progress using present continuous tense.
• Use appropriate language to express opinions, give suggestions, engage in arguments, discussions, etc.
• Describe in simple sentences how to play games.

Language Elements/Vocabulary
• Introduce oneself and others using personal pronouns e.g. I am, He/She, is/They are
• Express possibility using 'may be, will be, must be' etc.
• Expressing one's possessions using 'have, my, his, their....'
• Talk about actions in progress using' present continuous form of verbs'
• Express ability using 'can' e.g. I can, We can
• Express suggestions using 'let's, shall,' etc.
• Expressing opinions using tags e.g. can't we? don't we?
  3. # PAGE 102
  4. # PAGE 103
  5. # PAGE 104
  6. # PAGE 105
  7. # PAGE 106
  8. # PAGE 107
  9. # PAGE 108
  10. # PAGE 109
  11. # PAGE 110
  12. # PAGE 111
  13. # Girls and Boys Come out to Play
  14. # ACTIVITY 01
  15. # ACTIVITY 02
  16. # ACTIVITY 03
  17. # ACTIVITY 04
  18. # ACTIVITY 05
  19. # PROJECT


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