The Language of Birds Activity 3

When Ivan opened his eyes he was alone in the boat. He looked around. He could only see the endless sea around him.
What could be the thought of Ivan then?
Answer Key 01
Oh, my God! I can only see huge waves... Where am I? How did I reached here? Who put me here in the sea? Am I going to die? Who will save me? Nobody is here to hear me... Oh God! Please help me, save me from here...

Answer Key 02
Oh my God! Where am I? Who put me here in the boat? How can i escape from these huge waves? Oh God please help me, Save this poor boy from here...

Answer Key 03
Oh! Where am I now? How did I reach here? Who put me in the boat? I could only see huge waves.... If someone does not help me, then I will die soon..

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