Contracted Forms in Sentence

1. I am - I'm
I'm 9 years old.

2. You are - You're
You're such a beautiful boy.

3. He is - He's
He's so hardworking man.

4. She is - She's
She's very beautiful.

5. They are - They're
They're such cute kittens.

6. We are - We're
We're going to Ernakulam next week.

7. That is - That's
That's is a good book.

8. There is - There's There's the hotel we were looking for.

9. What is - What's
What's the matter?

10. Where is - Where's
Where's your car?

11. Who is - Who's
Who's there in the ground?

12. Who are - Who're
Who're the people at the next door?

13. Are not - Aren't
They aren't coming next month.

14. Is not - Isn't
He isn't listening to you.

15. Does not - Doesn't
He doesn't play cricket.

16. Do not - Don't
I don't like banana.

17. Did not - Didn't
I didn't know that.

18. Can not - Can't
I can't get you.

19. Has not - Hasn't
She hasn't finished her homework till this time.

20. I will - I'll I'll be on vacation next month.

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