Zaira's Day Out (Class 1 English Unit 7)

Theme: Helping nature and empathy towards fellow beings
Sub Themes: Value of friendship in life, Empathy towards differently-abled individuals in society
Learning Outcomes The learner:
# Comprehends and enjoys a simple story on love and friendship.
# Enjoys and comprehends traditional songs and poems and sings with actions and rhythm.
# Prepares concept maps on family relations and birds.
# Describes a person or an object using proper words.
# Speaks about objects/things on the basis of colour and size.
# Describes an action using appropriate action words.
# Writes similar lines based on a theme.
# Responds meaningfully to initiations in a dialogue/ conversation.
# Uses appropriate discourse markers and expressions.
Language Elements
# Identifies and uses the ‘Wh’ question words.
# Makes suggestions using words like let’s, shall we, etc.
# Uses appropriate pronouns like he, she, I, we, you. etc. in meaningful contexts.
# Uses appropriate possessive pronouns like my, your, his, her, etc. in meaningful contexts.
# Uses proper describing words to describe a scene.
# Uses words like near, from, on, in etc. to denote position, meaningfully.
# Uses apt adjectives to describe a person or an object.
# Identifies singular and plural nouns.
# Uses sentences in meaningful contexts.
# Uses expressions like please, could you please, etc. for making polite requests.
This story highlights the importance of human values like love and consideration for others, how to live in harmony etc. It also focuses on the warmth of family relations. It also upholds the duty of every individual to give support, love and care to the differently-abled people in our society. The activities included in this unit are intended to facilitate the acquisition of linguistic competencies. Transaction of this unit is mainly through narrative input, classroom communication and picture interaction. This unit provides ample opportunity for listening, reading, writing, speaking, and performance. The page titled ‘I Know’ is intended for self-assessment of the learner. Teacher assessment is made possible by assessing how far the learner can perform the attributes given in the page titled ‘My Learner’. The expected outcomes of this unit can be measured using these assessment pages.

# Page 134
# Page 135
# Page 136
# Page 137
# Page 138
# Page 139
# Page 140
# Page 141
# Page 142
# Page 143
# Page 144
# Page 146
# Page 147
# Page 148
# Activity 02
# Activity 03
# Activity 04
# Boys and Girls
# I Know

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