The Dream Bicycle (English 1 Unit 6)

Theme: Family and family relationships.
Sub Theme: Care and concern that children get in the family.
Learning outcomes:- The learner
# Understands the relevance of family bondage and the care each member gives to others.
# Develops understanding about the parts of vehicles and days in a week.
# Develops ideas about family relationships.
# Plans and performs the choreography of songs.
# Develops vocabulary about family members, parts of vehicles, and days in a week.
# Writes simple descriptions and conversations.
Language elements: 
# Uses and responds to simple questions in English.
# Identifies the words used for giving directions.
# Uses appropriate words for describing objects and persons.
This unit consists of a story and a poem. The story deals with the importance of care and concern in a family. It also deals with the bond of love among family members. The activities included in this unit will help the learners to understand family relationships and form concept maps on days of the week, members of the family and parts of vehicles. The activities also provide ample opportunities for constructing discourses like description and conversation. The activities suggested here cater to vocabulary development and lead to organic reading and writing.

# Page 117
# Page 118
# Page 119
# Page 120
# Page 121
# Page 122
# Page 123
# Traffic Light (Page 124)
# Activity 01
# Activity 04
# Activity 05
# Activity 06
# I Ride My Little Bicycle
# I Know

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