Billu the Dog - Page 7

What you see in this picture?
How many animals are there in the picture?
How many birds are there in the picture?
Can you guess the name of the Dog?
Billu, Tippu etc....
What is the dog doing?
It is sleeping
What s the goat doing?
The goat is laying on the ground.
What is near the goat?
A Bucket
What is the colour of Bucket?
Its Red
Is there is a compound wall is there? 
There is a fence in the picture
Near the fence what you see?
A bucket and a plates
Can you Describe the Picture?
A Model of Description is available in the following link.
Read the passage.....
A farmer had a faithful dog called Billu.
He was very old and had lost almost all his teeth.
Do the animals in the picture help us in any way?
Yes, They help us in many ways.
How do they help us?
The hen gives us egg. The goat gives us milk. The cat kills rats. The dog guards our homes and protect us all the time.
Can Billu help the farmer? Why?
No he can't.  He is old and weak.
Farmer = കൃഷിക്കാരൻ 
Tooth = പല്ല് 
Teeth = പല്ലുകൾ 
Faithful = വിശ്വസ്‌തനായ 
Almost = ഏറെക്കുറെ 
Lost = നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു 

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