The Elves and the Shoemaker - Scene 1 (Page 120, 121)


Narrator - കഥപറച്ചിലുകാരൻ
Shoemaker - ചെരുപ്പുകുത്തി
Shoemaker’s wife - ചെരുപ്പുകുത്തിയുടെ ഭാര്യ
Mr Thomas Boot - മിസ്റ്റർ തോമസ് ബൂട്ട് (കെട്ടിട ഉടമ)
Customer 1 - ഉപഭോക്താവ് 1
Customer 2 - ഉപഭോക്താവ് 2
Customer 3 - ഉപഭോക്താവ് 3
Two Elves - രണ്ട് കുട്ടിച്ചാത്തന്മാർ
Scene I
The shoemaker’s home. A large table which the shoemaker works at and a chair by it. On the table are scattered a knife, two hammers, four chisels, a few needles and a few pieces of leather. There is a large cupboard behind the table. The shoemaker is seated at the table and his wife is beside him. The narrator enters from the right side of the stage.)
Narrator: Hi friends! Do you know why I am here? I have a story to tell you. Once there lived a shoemaker and his wife in a little house on the edge of a wood. They were very, very poor and each day they grew poorer and poorer. At last there was nothing left in the house but leather for just one pair of shoes.
(The narrator exits.)
Shoemaker: No customer comes to us.
Shoemaker’s wife: Our trade is failing. How shall we live?
(A knock is heard on the door.)
Shoemaker: It might be a customer.
Shoemaker’s wife: At this hour?
(She opens the door. The owner of the shop, Mr Thomas Boot enters.)
Shoemaker: Good evening, sir. Please sit down.
Mr Boot: I’m here not to sit. You owe me a hundred pounds in rent.
Shoemaker’s wife: We’ll pay you in a month’s time. Please be kind to us.
Mr Boot: Be kind? Not a chance. That’s not my way.
Shoemaker: You’ve no heart sir!
Mr Boot: Pay up your rent in two weeks, or I will close down your shop.
(Mr Boot exits.)
Shoemaker’s wife: We have to work hard. We must not lose our shop. We’ve to make more shoes.
Shoemaker: (sadly) That’s what we cannot do. This leather will make just a pair of shoes. Tomorrow I will stitch it all together. I’m tired. I must sleep. Let’s go to bed.
(They exit.)
(Black out)


Elves = കുട്ടിച്ചാത്തന്മാർ
Scattered = ചിതറിക്കിടക്കുന്നു
Toys and books were scattered around the room.
Hammer = ചുറ്റിക
She took a hammer and knocked a hole in the wall.
Chisel = ഉളി
She chiselled a figure out of the marble.
Needle = സൂചി
Here, your eyes are better than mine - could you thread this needle for me?
Beside = അരികെ
Our school was built right beside a river.
Enter = പ്രവേശിക്കുക
The police entered the building through the side door.
Exit = പുറത്തുപോവുക
We headed for the nearest exit.
Edge = അരിക്
He put pink icing around the edge of the cake.
Wood = തടി
He gathered some wood to build a fire.
Poor = പാവപ്പെട്ട
He came from a poor immigrant family.
Trade = വ്യാപാരം / കച്ചവടം
The country's trade in manufactured goods has expanded in the last ten years.
Fail = പരാജയപ്പെടുക
This method of growing tomatoes never fails.
Knock = മുട്ടുക
She knocked on the window to attract his attention.
Owner = ഉടമ
He's now the proud owner of a cottage in Wales.
Owe = ബാധ്യത
Exactly how much do we owe?
Pound = നാണയം (ബ്രിട്ടനിലെ നാണയം)
Rent = വാടക
How much rent do you pay for this place?
Stitch = തുന്നുക
Try to keep the stitches small and straight.


Q 01:- What do you think is the reason for the troubles of the shoemaker?
The shoemaker is basically poor. They do not have money to buy leather to make more shoes.
Q 02 :- Do you think the shoemaker will be able to pay the rent in two weeks time? How?
No, He will not able to pay the rent in two weeks time.
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