The Seed of Truth - 02

What is the picture about ? 
‘Tree’ You are correct. 
But, are they all trees ? 
What happened to the trees ? 
Who cut down the trees ? 
Is it good to cut the trees ? 
What do the trees give us ?

Food, fruits, flowers, shades etc..
Teacher displays a chart with a picture of firewood, fruits, furniture, flowers,shade, shelter etc.
Okay, shall we make the tree now ? 
How can we make our earth more green ? 
Shall we make these picture more beautiful ? 
Who will draw the stem/ branches ? 
Learners come forward and complete the picture according to the instruction. 
Who has brought the pictures of birds ? 
Which is your bird ? 
Where are you going to place it ? 
Under the tree? 
on the branch ? 
Are there any other birds in the class ? 
Which are the birds flying in the sky? 
Can we place the crow under the tree?

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