The Seed of Truth - 01

Look at the Picture, How is it ? 
Isn’t it a beautiful picture ? 
What all things can you see in the picture ? 
Can you give a title for the picture ?

Whose hands are these ? 
Where are the clouds ? 
What is the colour of the cloud ? 
From where do the rain drops come from ?
‘Yes, Its from the clouds’ 
Whose hands are these ? 
Who are standing under the hands ? 
What are the people doing ? 
‘Yes , they are stretching their hands .” 
Why do they stretch their hands ? 
‘To welcome the rain ‘. 
What is falling down from the hands ? 
‘Are they stones ? Flowers ? You are right. They are seeds. 
What will you do with the seeds ? 
Have you ever sowed the seeds ? 
Can you guess what will the people do with the seeds ?
Will they sow the seeds ?
Okay, here is a story about the picture. I will read it . Please listen.

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