Three Kittens - 02



Theme : Fantasy and humour
Sub theme : Fun and curiosity in life
Entry activity
Teacher brings masks of a cat and a kitten ( Picture 1- A,B) shows to the children and asks,
“What is this ?”
Teacher wears the mask of the cat and asks,
“Who am I now ?”
“Yes” - A cat
Teacher invites one child to wear the mask of the kitten.
Raheez, do you want to wear it ?
‘Please come’
Children please look at Raheez. Who is he now ?
He is a kitten.
Teacher writes a cat and a kitten on BB
Children, shall we wear masks ? Are you Ready ?
Teacher distributes the masks to the children in the calss.
Divides the whole class in to three.
Name the group as white, black, and brown.
Group number 1, give white colour to your kitten
Second group, can colour the kitten with black
Third group, you can give brown colour to your kitten
Now, we have three groups of kitten.
1. White kitten
2. Black kitten
3. Brown kitten
Teacher writes on BB

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