Three Kittens - 03



Theme : Fantasy and humour
Sub theme : Fun and curiosity in life

Activity - 1
With the help of the teacher, children make the masks.
The kittens are ready now.
Can you say, what do the kittens do ?
Teacher interacts with the children and elicits responses
Elicited responses are charted.
Teacher displays a picture chart ( Picture 2 having 6 pictures)
What do the kittens do in the first picture ?
Climbing on a tree
(Writes under the picture)
like that, with the picture interaction teacher elicits, drinking milk, playing ball, eating fish, reading books,
clapping hands etc.. and writes under each picture.
Teacher wears mask and asks the children to wear the masks.
Wearing mask, teacher says, “I am the mother cat and you are my kittens”.
Teacher asks the children to stand in a circle and the teacher stands in the middle (The group members
should be shuffled )
White kittens, you come forward and show me “how will you climb on a tree ?”
Look at the picture, how do the kittens climb ?
“Now, you are kittens, How will you climb on a tree ?”
Children show the action of climbing on a tree”.
Teacher can help the other children to do the action in the picture.

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