Paper Boat Questions and Answers

1. What did Anna launch in the stream of water ?
Anna launched a paper boat in the stream of water.
2. Who pounced on one of her boats ?How did Anna feel at this ?
A fat boy pounced on one of Anna’s boats. Anna felt angry at this and she stared at the boy.
3. ‘The boy is so rude’.why did Anna say so ?
He pounced on her boat and turned it upside down. So she said so.
4. Who is Arundhati ?
Arundhati was Anna’s aunt.
5. What solution did she give Anna ?
Aunt tried to console Anna by saying that she would make a few more boats for Anna and the boy .
6. What did Anna give to the boy?What was the boy’s reaction to this?
Anna gave two not-so-good boats to the boy. The boy took the boats and stood quietly.
7. When Anna’s boat got caught in the mud, what did the boy do?
The boy jumped into the stream and pulled the boat out of the water.
8. Why do you think the boy did not destroy Anna’s boat?
The boy didn’t destroy Anna’s boat because he has a good feeling at Anna’s behaviour of giving him her paper boats.
9. ‘Finally, they both smile at each other.’ What does it mean?
It means there started a good friendship between them.
10. In the poem ‘ Paper Boat’ ,What does the boy write on the boats?
The boy writes his name and the name of his village on his boats.
11. Why does the boy write his name and address on his paper boat?
The boy hopes that someone in some strange land will find the paper boats and know who he is.
12. What does the boy see in the sky ?
The boy sees the floating little clouds in the sky.
13. What flower did he load his boats with and why ?
He loaded his boats with Shiuli flower with the hope that those blooms of the dawn would be carried safely to land in the night.
14. Who sends the clouds to race with the boats ?
Some unknown playmate of the boy sends the clouds to race with his boats.
15. What are the child’s dreams about the paper boat ?
He dreams that his paper boats float on under the midnight stars. The fairies of sleep sail in his boats. They load his boats with dreams.
16. Who is the author of this poem ?
Rabindranath Tagore is the author of this poem.

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