Field and Forest Questions and Answers


01. A squirrel cannot live in water. Why?
A squirrel doesn't have the physical structures to live in water. It cannot move in water with its limbs. It cannot breathe the air in water.

02. What are the physical structures of a fish that help to live in water?

  • The fins and tail of the fish help swimming in water.
  • The boat- like shaped body is more suitable to move in water.
  • The fish can breathe the air in water.
  • The scales arranged in rows help the fish to move in the water.

03. What are the physical structures that help a frog to live in water and land?
The frog can breathe through the skin while in water, and it can breathe through the nostrils while on land. The slippery body and paddle like limbs help to move in water. The limbs help it to hop on the land.

04. What is mean by adaptation (അനുകൂലനം)?
An organism has certain peculiarities that help it to live in its dwelling place. This is called adaptation. 

05. Lotus and water lily are aquatic. plants. Let us examine their adaptations to live in water.

  • They do not decay though they are in water all the time.
  • The leaves float on water surface.
  • The leaf stalk is long enough to make the leaves float on the surface even if the water level increases.
  • Air chambers are present in the leaves and stem of lotus and water lily. •
  • The flowers remain erect above the water level.
06. What is Ecosystem ?
An ecosystem includes the mutually dependent biotic and abiotic factors of a particular place. Forests, hills, ponds, grooves are examples of ecosystem.

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