The Summer Fair - The Lost Child (Page 98)

It was a summer fair. People walked to the fair ground through the narrow lane. Some of them walked and some rode on horses. Some others came on bullock carts.
A little boy ran around his father. He was fascinated by toys and stopped to have a close look at them.
‘Come child, come,’ called his father. He hurried to his parents.
‘I want that toy,’ he pleaded.
His father looked at him red-eyed.
The boy walked away sadly with his parents.

New Words
Summer = വേനൽക്കാലം
Fair = മേള
Narrow = ഇടുങ്ങിയ
Bullock carts = കാളവണ്ടികൾ
Hurried = ധൃതിയിൽ
Pleaded = അപേക്ഷിച്ചു
Red-eyed = ദേഷ്യത്തോടെ

1. What were the things that attracted the boy in the fair ground?
The toys in the fair ground attracted the boy.
2. If you were there, what would you have asked for?
Toys and balloons.
3. Do you think the child’s parents will buy toys for him?
4. Why did the father look at him red-eyed?
He did not want to buy toys for his child.

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