Activity 3 (The Lost Child)


‘I want to go on the roundabout, please, Father, Mother...,’ The child pleaded earnestly to his father and mother.
There was no reply. He turned to look at his parents. They were not there.... He looked around. There was no sign of them.
‘Father, Mother...’ he called aloud. He began to cry in real fear. He ran hither and thither, in all directions. He didn’t know where to go.
What would be the child’s thoughts?
Imagine and write it down in the space given below. 01.
Where are my parents? Can I find them? Will anybody help me to find them? My parents may be searching for me every where, They may be very sad. It's my falt I ran to the gient wheel without asking permission of my parents. My mother may be crying. If I find them again I will never do anything without their permission.
Where are my mother and father? Where did they go? This is my mistake. The sights fasinated me. Now, I am alone. How can I find my parents? How will I go to my home? I don't wnat sweets and balloons. I want my parents. I don't know what to do. God, Please help me...

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