Theyyam is a popular ritual dance form of our locality. Theyyam is performed in front of my village temple without stage or curtains. Theyyam ground is always crowded. The Theyyam represents a mythological, divine or heroic character. Theyyam is always performed by men. They also enact female roles .The colourful costumes and make-up are very attractive. Theyyam performance begins with Vellattam or Thottam. Then the Theyyam accompanied by drummers and they recite a particular ritual song. The dancer returns to the green room, after finishing this primary ritualistic part of the chant. After a short interval, Theyyam makes a ritual entrance with elaborate costumes and makeup. The Theyyam runs all around the shrine and its courtyard, dancing performing rituals and blessing the devotees. At last, the dancer distributes turmeric powder as a symbol of blessing and also throws rice on the audience

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