Animal Riddles for Kids

Who am I?
1. I am a pet animal
I have four legs
I don't like cats
I am very faithful to my owner
I say woof woof
Who am I?

2. I am very big.
I have four legs like pillars.
I have trunk.
I trumpets
Who am I?

3. I live in forest.
I can run very fast.
I have get a big mane.
I am the king of animals.
I roar.
Who am I?

4. I can jump.
I can climb in trees.
I have a long tail.
I like bananas.
Who am I?

5. I live in farm.
I look like a horse.
I have long ears.
I can carry loads.
I say brey brey
Who am I?

6. I am very long.
I can't walk.
I don't have legs or arms
I say hiss
Who am I?

7. I can fly.
I have six legs.
I am in black and yellow colour.
I collect honey from flowers.
Who am I?

8. I am small in size.
I like sugar.
I have six legs.
We always travel in group.
Who am I?

9. I live in desert.
You can ride me.
I don't drink often.
I have a humb on my back.
Who am I?

10. I am a small pet animal.
I love to drink milk and chase rats.
I say meow meow.
Who am I?

11. I am a wild animal.
I have long neck.
I eat leaves of trees.
Who am I?

12. I am a bird.
I lay eggs.
I have webbed feet.
I like to swim in water.
I say quack quack
Who am I?

1. Dog
2. Elephant
3. Lion
4. Monkey
5. Donkey
6. Snake
7. Honeybee
8. Ant
9. Camel
10. Cat
11. Giraffe 
12. Duck

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