Story Time - Christmas Sale!

Kim, the fox, and Kom, the bear were not only friends but also fellow farmers and fellow traders. They are the richest in the forest. But they are still trying to make more money.
They made a lot of money by growing vegetables on the bank of Kunti river and taking them to market. Now the post harvest cucumber field is lying fallow.
"Tomorrow is Christmas, let's make a Christmas tree here." Kim said.
"So what's our profit?" Kom asked.
"We can hang gift packs on the tree. When the baby animals come to see it, each pack can be sold for ten rupees." Kim explained his idea.
"All we have to do is stuff two ruppee combs, one ruppee eyelashes and fifty paise balloons into the gift packs. We can make a lot of profit in one day." Kom added.
The two made and decorated a Christmas tree together. Then they went to the market and bought some cheap things and put them in gift packs and hung them up. A star lamp was also fitted at the top of the tree.
In the evening they took each drum and began to beat. At that sound many baby animals came there. Then Kim and Kom said:
"Didn't know Christmas was coming? Want to buy gifts? The Christmas tree is full of gifts for babies!"
The baby rabbit and the baby tiger came running to get the gift. Then Kim told them:
"Give ten rupees and take the gift of your choice."
The animal children were disappointed. They had no money. All the animal children started disturbing their parents for money to buy gift packets.
At that time Santa Claus was flying through the sky in his deer cart. In the middle of the woods he saw drum beats, a Christmas tree and a heard of animals and landed below. He was sad to see the baby animals crying for the gift. He comforting them and said;
"Children should not cry like this on Christmas Eve. I will give you all, a gift each if you happily reach out."
Santa gave each animal child a free gift. The children bought the gift, thanked the Santa and happily went to their living places.
All the gift packs in Santa Claus's cart were empty. He asked Kim and Kom;
"Aren't you selling Christmas presents? Well, how many gift packets do you have? How much will it cost?"
"There are two hundred packets, each one cost ten rupees only." Kom replied.
Santa took a two thousand ruppee currency from his pocket and said;
"Here is the price of two hundred packets. Load everything in my cart quickly."
Kim and Kom were very happy. They took the money and did as Santa told them. Santa got on his sledge and flew away.
The next day Kim told Kom happily;
"Yesterday we got a good trade. You bring that money. Let's go to the market and buy some crackers and start a fire shop. The new year is coming! We will get a good business."
Kom took the currency of two thousand ruppee and gave it to Kim.
Kim checked it out and said;
"Everything is ruined! Santa cheated us!"
"What? What happened?" Asked Kom.
"This is a fake currency. It has a picture of Santa with a white beard instead of Gandhiji with a bald head."
"But it is written that two thousand."
Kim read the whole thing written on it to his friend.
"2000 Christmas greetings to dear Kim and Kom. You tried to cheat the poor baby animals. I also cheated you. Don't feel bad for me."
Kim and Kom realized that this was their punishment for unjust trade. They never told anyone about their folly.
 (Jose Prasad)

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