As wind - Questions

01. Select the statement which are not the features of water.
a) Occupy space
b)Has weight
c) Has colour
d) Has power
02. The gaseous state of water is..............
a) Water vapour
b) Ice
c) Snow
d) Smoke
03. How do the water wheel of the hydraulic power station rotates?
With the power of water
04. The wind wheel works with the power of ......................
05. Why do we feel the smell of jack fruit that is kept at a little distance ?
Because the smell of jackfruit mixes with air and spreads all around
06. Select the non characteristics of solid from the following.
a) Can flow
b) Have weight
c) Definite shape
d) Occupies space
07. Identify the group which indicates the three states of water
a) Milk, butter milk, curd
b) Hot water, cold water, rice porridge(gruel)
c) Water, ice, water vapour
d) Ice cream, tea, juice
08. An object has a definite shape. It occupies space and has weight. Identify the state of
this object ?
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
09. A plate with few ice pieces were kept over a jar with hot water. What is the reason for
 water drops under the plates? (LSS 2017)
The water vapour comes out from the jar becomes water drops on getting the
temperature of ice.
10. How is rain formed?
Water from the water bodies absorb heat from the sun and becomes water drops and
goes up. They become clouds. These clouds condenses and rain is formed

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