Up above the Sky Questions and Answers - 1


1. ................can produce light and heat?
(Moon Stars satellites Planet)
2. Self spinning of earth is called .........................
(Rotation Revolution )
3. The day in which we cannot see the moon in the sky.
(Full moon day New moon Day )
4. Which is the satellite send by India to the moon?
(Mangal yan Aryabhatta INSAT chandrayaan)
5. Who is the man first landed in the moon?
Neil Amstrong
6. The light that comes from moon is called..................
Moon light
7. The day and night are caused by the the ................of the earth
8. A 10 years old child will have rotated the sun.......... times
10 times
9. Write the names of satellites which support the functioning of VICTORS channel?
10. On 5th June we saw complete moon in the sky. Then when we can see the same on next
 July 5
12. Select true statement regarding planets.
a) It's have lights on its own
b) Revolve around the satellites
c) Revolve around the sun in a definite path.
d) Revolve around the moon
13. What happens when the sunlight is received on the moon that is opposite to the earth?
a) New moon b) Full moon
14. Select the artificial satellites that is not sent by India
Aryabhatta Sputnik Edusat INSAT
15. The objects that revolve around the planet is called.........
16. The time taken by earth to complete one rotation on its own axis is.................
24 hours
17. How many days are in a year ?
365 and 1/4 days
18. Which statement is not apt for the uses of artificial satellites?
a)Artificial rain b)Communication
c)Weather forecast d)For transportation
19. Which statement is true about the moon?
a) The moon is full of rocks hills and pits
b) The first astronaut who landed on the moon was Yuri Gagarin
c) The sky in the moon is blue in colour
20. Artificial satellites are send into space with the help of ..................
21. The moonlight has no heat. Because the moon reflected the sunlight. This light is
Moon light
22. Which is the star we can see in the day time?
23. Match the following
artificial satellites - Rakesh Sharma
Moon day - Thumba
Indian astronaut -  Rockets
Rocket launching station - Neil Armstrong
24. Name the following.
a) The deepest crater on the moon?
Newton crater
b) The name of the soil in the moon?
c) Which is satellite found the occurrence of show in the moon?
Chandrayaan 1
d) Who is the first observer of the moon through a telescope?
e) How many days are there between one New moon Day and the next full moon day?
 14 days
f) How many days are there between one full moon day and the next full moon day?
 28 days
25. The largest planet in the solar system?
26. The position of the earth on the basis of the distance from the sun ?
Third position
27. The fifth largest planet in the solar system?
The earth
28. The second largest planet?
29. The planets having the longest Revolution period?
30. The smallest planet in the solar system?
31. Which of the following is not considered as a planet?
a) earth b) Mercury c) sun d) Mars
32. Which of the following statements about New moon is correct
a) Moon cannot be seen
b) Moon will be visible as a crescent
c) Moon will appears fully
d) Stars will be invisible
prepared by :- Smt. Thasneem Khadeeja
Teacher, GLPS Karad, Malappuram

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