The Lost Child - VIDEOS

Learning Outcomes
By learning this unit, the learners will be able to:
  1. Read and understand words such as ‘fascinate’, ‘hawk’, ‘murmur’, ‘garland’, ‘bitterly’, ‘sob’, etc.
  2. Identify the theme of the poem and the rhyming words. Make sentences using prepositions like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘between’, ‘under’, ‘above’, ‘over’, ‘at’, etc.
  3. Use singular and plural forms of the words contextually.
  4. Prepare scrolling news from the clues given.
  5. Prepare a profile from the details given.
  6. Understand and respond to simple questions.
  7. Identify the simple present and simple past forms of regular verbs.
  8. Undertake language projects actively.
  9. Do activities in the textbook according to the instructions.
  10. Express thoughts and feelings in simple language.
  11. Shows progress while learning English.



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