Bruno - The Puppy - 1

Teacher shows the PPT Presentation [Check out the Following Link] of animals and their younger ones.
Teacher shows a puppy.
“What is this ?” 
“Who is ready to act as a puppy ?” 
Teacher divides the learners in to 5 groups Each group select their puppy and players Teacher provides mask, tail and a ball for the group.
“Puppy now you can play with your friends” 
Let puppy run after the group members “Geethu, you can throw the ball to each other” 
“ Puppy, you look at the ball and wag your tail” (Teacher can show the action)
“ Gopi, please come and throw the ball ” “Puppy , fetch the ball” 
“Puppy runs after the ball ! come with it !!.” 
“Gopi you give a shake hand to the puppy and say, Well done puppy you are my best friend” 
The game can be repeated in other groups.
Elicited names are written on the BB.
Can you name the puppy ? 
Here is a story about a puppy (TB page -8)
“Can you find out the name of the puppy ?” 
“Who is the boy ?” 
Teacher asks to encircle ‘Bruno’ and ‘Sachin’ in the Text, and Teacher write the names in BB (Page 8)
Now read the text individually. Teacher asks the learners to find out the words they can read and list it on BB (go, ball, puppy.......)
Who are there in the picture ?
"What is the boy doing?"
Sachin is asking Bruno to do something
‘What does Sachin point to ?” 
‘ What does Sachin say ? Can you guess?”
‘Bruno go and fetch the ball’ (Writes on BB)
"Will the pup bring the ball back?"
More Information
Some Animals and their Young Ones:
Hen :- chick
Duck :- duckling
Cat :- kitten
Dog :- puppy
Frog :- tadpole
Butterfly :- caterpillar
Buffalo :- calf
Spider:- spiderling
Pig:- piglet
Owl :- owlet
Kangaroo:- joy
Goat :- kid
Rabbit :- kit
Deer :- fawn
Sheep :- lamb
Cow :- calf
Donkey :- foal
Horse:- colt
Elephant :- calf
Lion:- cub
Monkey :- infant
Tiger :- cub
Giraffe :- calf
Fish :- fry

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