Three Kittens - 07

Reading process
• Individual reading
Children underline the words or sentences they can read. ( Teacher asks the Low Proficient Learner
(LPL) to read the words or sentences that they can read )
• Collaborative reading
Each learner reads the text in the group with the help of group members in turn. Teacher can intervene in
the groups for helping the children to read.
What is the colour of the rat ?
What did the white kitten say ?
What did the black kitten say ?
• Loud reading by the teacher
Teacher presents the text 70 with all prosodic features.
• Scaffold reading
What will the kittens do when they see a rat ?
Let the learners discuss in groups and respond in Malayalam
• Loud reading by learners
Each child in the group reads two or three sentences in turn. The group members can help each one to read
the text. Let them select one member from their group for the whole class reading. Teacher can ask these
selected learners for loud reading.

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