Three Kittens - 06

Now, I will tell you a story about three kittens.
Teacher presents the narrative with proper voice modulation
Once there lived a mother cat and three kittens in a small house. One was black, one white
and other brown. The mother cat was grey in colour. The three kittens were very smart. They were
naughty too. They played with everything they got.
One day the kittens were sitting with their mother. They saw a cute, small thing with a long
tail. It started to run here and there.... “What’s that ?” The kittens looked at each other.
What is the story about ?
Teacher places BP-1 (Mother cat and three kittens) on the big picture.
Eliciting text
Look at the picture
Which one is the first kitten ?
Yes, ‘white kitten’. Teacher says loudly and writes on the BB.
White kitten
Which one is the second ? Black kitten (Writes on BB)
Who is the last one ? Brown kitten (Writes on BB)
What were the kittens doing ?
What did they see one day ?
See the picture, they are looking at something. Can you guess ? Let’s see.
Teacher places BP-2 (Mother cat,three kittens and a rat) on the big picture.
What is the colour of rat ? A grey rat (Writes on BB)
What are the kittens looking at ?
What will the cats do when they see a rat ?
Won’t they catch it ?
They are saying something.
Can you guess what it is ?’Come, let’s catch it (Writes on BB)
What is their Mom doing ?
It is sleeping. Mom is sleeping (Writes on BB)
Have a close look at the black kitten .
What does it say ? Don’t make noise (Writes on BB)

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