Three Kittens - 08

Activity (Using picture 1,2 and 3)
Let us present the text in the form of a small skit.
Who are the characters ?
Mother cat, three kittens and a grey rat.
What is the mother cat doing ?
It is sleeping.
Where are the kittens ?
Near the mother cat.
What are they doing ?
They are playing.
Who comes there ?
A grey rat.
Okay, who will act as the mother cat ?
Come Arun, you can act as the mother cat
Where are the kittens ?
You can play here.
Where is the rat ?
What do the kittens say ?
“A grey rat”
What do the white kitten say ?
“ Come, let’s catch it.”
What do the black kitten say ?
“Shh.. mom is sleeping.”
What do the brown kitten say ?
“Come, let’s follow it.”
Teacher helps the children for practice and presentation of the skit.
Introduce Worksheet 1

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