Word of the Day - 01 JULY 2022
Theme: Self-respect and knowing about oneself.
Sub-theme: The drawbacks of imitating blindly
Learning outcomes:- The learner
# Identifies the context, character, and mood.
# Comprehends and enjoys simple stories.
# Understands one’s own abilities and disabilities.
# Enjoys the rhythm and music of the song/poem.
# Counts numbers up to 10.
# Identifies the names of different birds and their young ones.
# Identifies and reads ideas/words like hen, duckling, chick, swim, butterfly, worm, egg, etc.
Language elements 
# Identifies and responds to question words like ‘Why’ & ‘Where’.
# Identifies and uses words to denote possession (e.g. I have).
‘Me Too’ is the story of a chick and a duckling. It deals with the idea of knowing oneself and having self-respect. It also highlights the drawbacks of blindfold imitation. The unit consists of a story and a poem. It also helps to learn about birds and animals around us. DOWNLOAD THE ABOVE PDF FILE DOWNLOAD THE ABOVE PDF FILE

Eng1 U2

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