Story Time - Poor Pippy

In a village there once lived a little dog called Pippy. Pippy felt life in the village was boring. He imagined how it would be living in a jungle. " I get so bored living in tiny village". But he did not know how to go out of the village.
one day while taking a stroll, he saw Mittu rabbit. 'Ah ....I get an idea. Pippy ran to Mittu and barked aloud. Poor Mittu got frightened. "Hey little rabbit, take me to jungle, else I'll kill you". Mittu was surprised. "But dogs like you can't live in a jungle, so better you be here in this village". But Pippy was not ready to agree. "Hey you idiot, Do what I said else I will make a feast of you". Poor Mittu was scared. And he showed Pippy the way to the jungle near by.
Pippy finally reached there. Seeing the dark woods and the flowing river, Pippy became very happy and he started barking aloud. The sound of his barking was heard around the forest. He then began to howl. Pippy thought he was very lucky. But his happiness did not last long. Hearing his howl, the King of the jungle, Sheru lion, came out of his cave and lifted Pippy by clutching on his throat. "How dare you make such filthy noise, you little dog...never to see you again in my kingdom. And he hurled Pippy to the air. Poor Pippy helplessly landed on a hard rock and crawled back to his little home in the village. He never thought of going back to the jungle again.

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