Paper Boat Activity - 9

Read the following sentences.
  1. Anna bent a little and launched a paper boat.
  2. A fat boy pounced on one of her boats.
  3. The story ‘Paper Boats’ is a fairy tale.
  4. The fairies of sleep are sailing in the boats.
Look at the underlined words. The word in the second sentence is the plural of the word in the first sentence. In the first set of sentences, ‘s’ is added to form the plural. But in the second set, ‘y’ is replaced with ‘ies’ to form the plural.
Look at the following words and write the plural forms of it. Mention the letters that you added to form its plural.
Tree Trees s
Parent Parents s
Child Children ren
Boy Boys s
Sky Skies ies
Flower Flowers s
Eye Eyes s
Story Stories ies
Butterfly Butterflies ies
Banana Bananas s
Mango Mangoes es
Cherry Cherries ies
Bunch Bunches es
A SINGULAR NOUN:-  Names one person, place, thing etc.
A PLURAL NOUN :- Names more than one person, one place, one thing etc.
Rules for making plural nouns depend on the spelling and pronunciation.
Usually ' s ' is added to a singular noun to make it plural.
Examples: dog - dogs, brother- brothers, car-cars
' es ' is added for words ending in 'o', 'x', 'ch' or 'sh'
Examples: box - boxes, tomato - tomatoes, six – sixes, potato – potatoes, bush – bushes, church – churches
There are a few nouns that form their plural by adding ' en ' to the singular.
Examples: ox- oxen
Some nouns are used only in the plural.
Examples: scissors, tongs, spectacles
Some nouns have same form for both singular and plural nouns.
Examples: sheep - sheep, deer-deer, score- score

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