The Elves and the Shoemaker - Activity 2 (Page 133, 134)


Read the story given below.
A Bag of Oranges
An old woman was walking along the road. She carried a paper bag full of oranges for her grandchildren. Suddenly she stumbled over a stone and fell down. The oranges rolled over the road and lay scattered around. A boy who saw this came running.
Helping the woman get up, he asked, 'Are you okay?'
'I'm alright, child. But my oranges...,' she said.
'Don't worry. I shall pick them up for you.' the boy said.
He picked up the scattered oranges. Putting them into her bag he handed it over to her.
Taking an orange from the bag, the old woman said smiling, 'Have this, my child.'
The boy too smiled and took the orange from her.

(An old woman enters with a paper bag.__________________________
Boy: Are you okay?
Woman: I'm alright, child. But my oranges ____________________
Boy: Don't worry. I shall pick them up for you.
The boy picks up the oranges and _________________________
(The woman __________________________________________
Woman: Have this, my child.
Boy ________________________________________________
(They _______________________________________________
Now, enact the skit in your class.

An old women enters the stage from the left side. She carries a paper bag. She stumbles over a stone and falls. The oranges in the bag scatter on the stage. She looks around. A boy comes running from the opposit side. He helps her get up.
Boy :- Are you okay?
Women :- I'm alright, my child. But my oranges.....
(The boy look at the oranges around them)
Boy :- Don't worry. I shall pick up them up for you.
(The boy picks up the oranges and puts them in her paper bag and hads over it to the women.)
Women :- You are very kind my little boy.
Boy :- Thank you
(The women takes an orange from the bag and holds it towards the boy.)
Women :- Have this my little boy (She smiles)
Boy :- Thank You Grandma (He also smiled)
(They both walk along the roadside talking each other)

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