Ottan Thullal | Seethankan Thullal | Parayan Thullal

Kunchan Nambiar, renowned poet of the eighteenth century, first introduced this art form. Thullal is a tale narrated in verse. Thullal performer is supported by a singer who repeats the verses . The instruments used in Thullal are the maddalam and the cymbals. There are three different types of Thullal.They are Ottan Thullal, Seethankan Thullal and Parayan Thullal.The three forms are differentiated on the basis of make-up, styles of narrative singing, rhythms of dancing and foot work. Of the three Ottan Thullal is the mostpopular.This art form mocks at the evils of the society with a pinch of humour .
Ottan Thullal
Seethankan Thullal
Parayan Thullal

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