Kathakali is an art form of Kerala. Kathakali is known as the King of arts. In kathakali dance, acting, music and mudras are equally important. The five major roles in Kathakali are , Pacha, Kathi,Thaadi , Minukku and Kari . The noble and the divine persons appear in Pacha (Green). Kathi represents the arrogant and evil. Main musical instruments used in kathakali are ,Chenda , Maddalam, Idakka,Chengila and Ilathalam . The the literary form of Kathakali is Attakatha. Attakatha means the story for attam (dance). Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon , the famous malayalam poet, started Kerala Kalamandalam to promote Kathakali in Cheruthuruthy a village of Thrissur Distrit.

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