The Fat Cat - Page 62

What does the cat eat? 
The cat eats the fish.
Is the cat happy?
Yes, the cat is happy.
Who sit on the mat?
The rat, the bat and the hat sit on the mat.
Are rat, bat and hat are happy?
Yes, they are happy.
What does Emy do?
Emy pats the fat cat.

'Don't worry. You can sit on the mat tomorrow.
Then the rat can sit in your vat,' says Emy.
The cat agree to it.
He eats the fat fish.
The cat is happy.
The white rat gets his mat back.
The bat and the hat also sit on the mat.
They are happy too.
Emy pats the fat cat.

Do you know the meaning?
Don't worry = വിഷമിക്കേണ്ട 
Agree = സമ്മതിച്ചു  
Pats =  തലോടി

01. What does Emy say to the cat?
You can sit on the mat tomorrow.
02. Does the cat agree to it?
03. Where is the white rat?
Sitting on the mat
04. Who else there on the mat?
The hat and the bat.
05. What does Emy do?
Pats the fat cat.

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