Bruno, the Puppy - Page 12

What you see in the picture?
Sachin and his father is outside the park. They are talking with a boy.

Let's Read The Passage
Sachin and his father couldn’t find Bruno anywhere. ‘Did you see a puppy?’ 
Sachin asked a boy. 
‘Is it a white puppy with black spots?’ the boy asked. 
‘Yes,which way did it go?’ 
‘That way, to the right,’ said the boy pointing to a shop.

New Words
Find = കണ്ടെത്തുക 
Black spots = കറുത്ത പുള്ളികൾ 
Way = വഴി 
Pointing = ചൂണ്ടിക്കൊണ്ട് 

Lets Answer the following Questions
Who did Sachin and his father meet? 
A boy
What did they ask?
Did you see a puppy?
Where is Bruno now?
Let us see

Conversation Between Sachin and The Boy
Sachin :- Hai Friend, did you see a puppy?
Boy :- What colour is it?
Sachin :- A white one with black spots.
Boy :- Oh yes, I saw one here in the park.
Sachin :- Which way did it go?
Boy :- That way, to the right
Sachin :- Thank you very much friend...
Boy :- Welcome

Model 2
Sachin : Hello, friend.
Boy : What do you want?
Sachin : Did you see a puppy.
Boy : What is the colour?
Sachin : A white puppy with black spots.
Boy : Yes, I saw that puppy.
Sachin : Which way did it go?
Boy : That way, to the right.
Sachin : Thank you.

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