Govt Orders 01-01-2011 to 30-06-2011


30-06-2011Joseph Mundassery Award 2011-12 for teachers
29-06-2011Circular about Medical Camp for CWSN 2011-12
29-06-2011Details about Change of School and Combination
29-06-2011Higher Secondary - Vacancy details for change of School & Combination
28-06-2011House Building Advance-Online registration from 01/07/2011 to 02/08/2011
28-06-2011Updated Pay fixation Software with Arrear Bill Facility(Govinda Prasad, Clerk, TSNMHSS Kundurkunnu)
27-06-2011IEDC-Utilization of previous year's balance kept at offices- Instructions
26-06-2011Banning Special/ Festival fees from pupils up to std VIII : DPI's Circular - Government order
26-06-2011Pay Revision 2004 : Sanctioning of HM (HG) to High School Head Masters, who had enjoyed notional fixation in the post of HSA Senior/Selection Grade up to 28-2-2006; Clarifications
25-06-2011Governer's speech in Niyamasabha
25-06-2011SSLC 2012 : Application form for Main Answer Book, Additional paper and CV Form
24-06-2011DPI Circular about Sanskrit Council formation
23-06-2011DPI's Circular on ICT Trainings for 2011-2012
21-06-2011Instruction to Principals-Third & SC/ST Special
21-06-2011Application for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO from Tamil/Kannada knowing HSA's
21-06-2011SSLC (PCN) Revaluation Results - 2011
21-06-2011SSLC Scrutiny Results - 2011
20-06-2011SCPTA-Enhancing Pedagogy Skills for Teacher Trainers, 15-26 August 2011
20-06-2011Colombo Plan Training course on Professional Program for Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, 19 September-7 October 2011, Penang, Malaysia
20-06-2011Arabic Teachers Examination 2011 - Result
20-06-2011DLED - Hindi Revaluation Result 2011
18-06-2011Pre- Matric Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 - Beneficiaries List-I : Freshers List - Renewal List - Beneficiaries List-II
17-06-2011Issuing of State NOC to CBSE / ICSE Schools Gen Edn 10-06-2011
17-06-2011Inculcate scholarship scheme 2011-12 for students of Std VIII in Govt & Aided school - Application form
17-06-2011Price for STD X & STD IX (ICT only) Hand books
16-06-2011Promotion and postings in the cadre of HMs/AEOs
16-06-2011SSLC Revaluation Results - 2011 Second Spell
15-06-2011Scholarship scheme for IED Students-circular
15-06-2011Vidyaramgam Sahithya vedi 2011-12 :  Formation - Competitions
15-06-2011Sports 2011-12 & Athletic Fund
15-06-2011Application invited for Resource teacher (IEDSS) 2011-12'
13-06-2011SSLC PCN SAY 2011 - Results
13-06-2011Posting, Promotion, Transfer of ADPI, DDE's,DEO's
13-06-2011SSLC : Ensuring the age limit for the promotion to Std 10
13-06-2011Pre-metric minority scholarship - 2011-2012 - More Information
12-06-2011HSE SECOND ALLOTMENT- Instructions to Principals
11-06-2011DPI : Clarification regarding salary of protected teachers
10-06-2011Notification for Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course
10-06-2011HSE : Fresh Applications from SC/ST students- Instructions to Principals
08-06-2011Sixth working day consolidation Calculator for AEO offices, prepared by Vinoy Chandran.R, AEO office, Kannur North
08-06-2011Text Book Urgent : Circular - Format
08-06-2011Appointment of Clerk/Typist/Attender/Peon staff in LP/UP Language Teacher Post-Orders issued
07-06-2011Rate of Interest and Terms & Conditions Revised for the loans advanced by the State Government
07-06-2011ALEVEL Notification - 2011
07-06-2011DLED Application and Circular - 2011
07-06-2011THSLC SAY Result - 2011
07-06-2011First Allotment Instructions to Principals
06-05-2011DPI Circular : Instructions about the Noon Meal program for the year 2011-12
06-05-2011Government order about the power to put signature for the certificate of swimming
06-05-2011GO about Normalizing Grades CBSE
06-05-2011Government order : Plus One Admission to CBSE/ICSE Students
06-05-2011HSE : Single window : Application Form - Prospectus 2011(Eng.ver)
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Government order about Admission Register
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Form For Higher Option Deletion
05-06-2011HSE Admission: Admission Proforma for Schools
04-06-2011TTC Old Scheme Results - 2011
04-06-2011TTC Revaluation Form - 2011
04-06-2011STD X ICT Resources : Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Biology
03-06-2011THSLC Revaluation Results - 2011
02-06-2011One Day Verification 2011-12 : General Instructions - form for Schools - Directions to the Verification officers - Excel format
02-06-2011RMSA Circular about the utilization of grant issued for Govt Schools - Proforma
02-06-2011SCERT : Archival collection of Text books
02-06-2011Activities of Access Guidance
02-06-2011Technical schools are included in the Mid day Meal Scheme
02-06-2011Diploma Examination in Language Education (DLED) Hindi, Arabic, Urdu July-2011
02-06-2011Kerala Government Fine Arts Certificate Examination (KGCE) in Fine Arts Result- January 2011
31-05-2011Pre-Matric Scholarship 2011-12 : Instructions regarding application-Press Report - Notification - Application Form
31-05-2011Directions about sixth working day report
31-05-2011DPI circular about the Girls' safety in schools
31-05-2011Supply of Toilet soaps to all Educational institutions
30-05-2011SSLC SAY Exam Results announced
28-05-2011Rectification of Anomalies in the Pay Revision Order-Instructions issued
27-05-2011DPI Circular : Haritha Keralam Project 2011-2012 & Application form for the requirement of seeding in School
27-05-2011Plus one - Sports/Management/Community Quota Admissions-Instructions
26-05-2011SSLC Re-valuation Results March-2011
26-05-2011Plus one Trial Allotment : Format for correction - Instructions to : Students - Principals
25-05-2011RTE Act Gazette G.O (P) No 1002011 G.Edn Dt 30-04-2011 - About Teacher Eligibility Test
25-05-2011Entrance Rank list : Online Submission of marks of Qualifying Examination for preparation of Engineering/Medical Rank list
23-05-2011DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo indian/OBC/forward communities scholarship 2011-12 - Requirement statement for Various scholarship 2011-12
23-05-2011Plus Two Say Exam-2011 centres and attached schools
21-05-2011DPI Circular about the Implementation of Malayalam in Education department
21-05-2011DPI Circular : using school children for the functions; prohibited
21-05-2011Purchase of book named 'Community Policing' for Govt. School library
21-05-2011RMSA Sanction of new posts in newly upgraded schools
19-05-2011Inter district transfer of Govt.School teachers/HSAs/PDT's/Language Teachers/Specialist Teachers on compassionate ground list: Notification - Districtwise List
19-05-2011Recognition to service organizations of Teachers - conducting of Referendum - Orders issued
16-05-2011National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2011-12 Examination Results
16-05-2011Guidlines on the mode of writing examination for students of unrecognised schools which opt admission to Govt/Aided/Recognised schools- Orders issued
16-05-2011Updated Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkotoor)
16-05-2011Higher Secondary Admission 2011 - IED Reference No.-clarifications
16-05-2011LD clerk exam and Subject teacher training - DPI's letter endorsing
15-05-2011SPARK Pay Revision Updation Help from it@school, Idukki
12-05-2011ADMISSION TO STD. XI IN THE TECHNICAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS UNDER IHRD 2011 – 2012 : Notification | ProspectusApplication
12-05-2011House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees; Extension of time
11-05-2011Special SAY & PCN Blank Hall ticket SSLC - 2011
10-05-2011Govt Order : Learning of Malayalam compulsory in schools
09-05-2011A Patch for the slow running of Biology Resources by Hakeem Mash Read Me
09-05-2011Standard X : Text book price
07-05-2011Departmental Test 2011 - Notification
07-05-2011Circular No.25/2011/Fin Dated 06/05/2011 Authorisation for effecting payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners
07-05-2011G.O (P) No. 210/2011/Fin dated 06/05/2011 Erratum to the Govt.Order on DA/DR
07-05-2011Transfer- Circular on Hill area weightage reg
06-05-2011Proceedings For Inter District Teacher Transfer (2010 - 2011)
06-05-2011Circular about starting classes in newly upgraded schools
05-05-2011Finance dept.Clarification on TA Bills of Govt. Officers
05-05-2011Casual Sweepers' remuneration enhanced
04-05-2011Revised Distribution schedule- Chirag Laptop to Teachers
04-05-2011SAY - 2011 Notification : SSLC THSLC - Hearing Impaired
04-05-2011Public Services-Appointment of Employees on Daily Wages-Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of various categories
04-05-2011Plus one admission : Last Rank details-2010 Instructions
03-05-2011Help Desk for Plus one admission - List of Guidance team
01-05-2011GO(P) No.195/2011/(1)/Fin Dated 28/04/2011 Anomaly rectification- Reckoning of prior service for weightage-modified orders issued
01-05-2011A Useful File for the Openoffice Calc Users (C.P Abdul Hakeem, Malappuram)
29-04-2011An important information reg. pay revision in SPARK
29-04-2011Recognised unaided schools-salary revised
28-04-2011DRG Training from 2nd May- DPI Circular with Venues
28-04-2011SSLC - 2011 Revaluation Circular
28-04-2011Ranked List of candidates for appointment to rhe post of office assistant under IHRD
27-04-2011Laptop Distribution to Teachers : Wipro - Chirag
26-04-2011Spark - DA Arrear Preparation Tips
26-04-2011Circular on approval of IGNOU BEd reg.
26-04-2011Exemption from minimum Effective strength 2009-2010
26-04-2011Revised Pay Fixation Program for School Staff (Narendran. C V, B E M P H S S, Thalesserry.)
21-04-2011Teachers' Hand Book of ICT 9th Class (Draft)
20-04-2011Pay Revision 2009 – Circular Instructions from the AG
20-04-2011Statement form for Pay fixation | Option form (Official)
20-04-2011Provisional List of HM/AEO (Published on 18-04-2011)
20-04-2011Re-Valuation result-First year imp exam Sept,2010
19-04-2011Press release on SSLC Result through SMS by it@school
17-04-2011Much awaited Laptop Distribution to Teachers - WIPRO
12-04-2011Early disbursement of April's Salary G.O(P)No.184/2011/Fin dated 12/04/2011
12-04-20116% DA Order G.O (P) No. 180/2011/Fin dated 11/04/2011
12-04-2011Pay Revision Order-Directions issued to Heads of Departments
11-04-2011Norms for promotion for standard 1 to 9
11-04-2011Annual Examination Time Table for the Muslim Schools
11-04-2011Promotion List program in Open office Calc: Standard VIII | Standard IX (Narendran.C V, BEMP HSS Thalassery)
08-04-2011North Zone Math IX QP | Answer Key (Suresh Sir, GHSS Thirurangadi)
07-04-2011Re-attachment of District Co-ordinators and Master Trainers - it@school project - Proceedings of DPI
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of Junior Superintendents in the promotion of Senior Superintendents
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of HSAs for departmental promotion Commitee(Lower)2011
06-04-2011Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkottur)
06-04-2011Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment
06-04-2011Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace bill (Draft)
06-04-2011Construction of buildings to Anganwadi centres in the premisis of Government educational Institution
06-04-2011Application for postal Ballot
06-04-2011Hand book for Presiding Officer-2009
06-04-2011Check list for presiding officer-2009
06-04-2011EVM - Electronic Voting Machine (Details) - PowerPoint Presentation
06-04-2011A Guide for voters
05-04-20113% reservation in appointment for physically handicapped candidates in Companies/Corporation/ Boards-orders issued
05-04-2011STD X & IX (IT only)- Change in Text book-Gazette Notification
04-04-2011Pension - Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of employees consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 - Modification - Orders issued.
04-04-2011Aided schools clerk - exempted from Departmental test
02-04-2011DIET- Deputation of district programme officers to SSA-reversion to parent department -orders issued
02-04-2011TTC Course Notification and application formGovt & Aided TTC - Unaided TTC
31-03-2011Updated Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
30-03-2011Retirement on superannuation of gazetted ministerial officers
30-03-2011Charge arrangement-Full additional charge-gazetted teaching staff I -orders issued
30-03-2011Primary schools-Seniority of school teachers on retrenchment -clarification issued
30-03-2011Assurance of anti-ragging committee in schools- Circular
29-03-2011Loans and Advances sanctioned to state Government Employees - Recovery during April 2011 postponed
29-03-2011Kerala Police Act-2010 (Malayalam version)
29-03-2011Old circular about the misuse of official vehicle - 41/2008 Dated 02-08-2008
29-03-2011Circular for public about BPL Survey-2009 Time schedule for registration of complaints
27-03-2011IT@School Circular about Std IX ICT Training
26-03-2011Camp Certificate to be Produced before Camp Officers by Examiners SSLC - 2011
26-03-2011Higher secondary : Seat matrix verification for Admission 2011-2012
26-03-2011Directions about LSS/USS Valuation
26-03-2011Press release on online registration of HSAs for ICT Training
25-03-2011TimeTable for Practical Exam in Vocational Subjects for IED Candidates - 2011
24-03-2011IT Practical Examination for Losers
23-03-2011Mother tongue learning in Kerala - Report and Suggestions Report - Practical Instructions
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Kannada knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10s
22-03-2011Group Insurance - Extended table of benefits
20-03-2011Provision for Online Admit Cards for Entrance Examination-2011
20-03-2011FIXATION Ready Reckoner- Prepared by N.P Krishnadas
20-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program version-3.75, Prepared by
19-03-2011SITC Remuneration Circular - Application Form
19-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program Prepared by Sudheer, Vandithavalam
19-03-2011Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for High School Assistant-accepted -Orders issued
19-03-2011B.Ed degree in LIFE SCIENCE equated to B.Ed degree in NATURAL SCIENCE- Orders issued
19-03-2011KGTE Printing Technology Practical Results - 2011
18-03-2011Pension Revision Order
18-03-2011list of Semis codes for school Mapping for All Districts
18-03-2011SEMIS Codes Ernakulam - Trissur - Palakkad
15-03-2011SEMIS DCF(Data Capturing Format)for the year 2010-11
11-03-2011Group Insurance Scheme - Extended table of benefits to the Group Insurance Scheme
10-03-2011SSLC EXAM-2011 Concession CWSN Students(Third List)
10-03-2011Salary disbursement according to codel provisions
10-03-2011TTC Admission Ticket - 2011
10-03-2011LP-UP Annual Examination Time Table-March 2011
10-03-2011State Level NTS Examination 2010-11 Result
10-03-2011TTC Exam Concession to CWSN March 2011
10-03-2011Details about SSLC Valuation Duty
09-03-2011Appointment of Aided School Teachers - Detailed Clarification
09-03-2011Priority of 43 Claimants over 51A in Aided Schools ("New Schools")- Clarification
09-03-2011IT@School Project - Right to Information Act 2005 - Appointment of Appellate Authority
09-03-2011ICT Education in STD IX Circular
07-03-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Revised order
05-03-2011Basic Facilities in Schools - Letter from DPI
05-03-2011SSLC 2001 : Order and List of CWSN Students Eligible for exam concession (Second List)
05-03-2011Pay Revision in Universities
03-03-2011Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
28-02-2011Time Table for UP-LP (HS attached)
28-02-2011SSLC 2011 - Blank ICR Form
28-02-2011Application Form for Assistant Examiner - TTC 2011
26-02-2011EKM DEO Urgent Mail about the required Toilet and Urinals
25-02-2011DPI circular about Transfer And Postings
25-02-2011Final Seniority list of HSAs for the period from 01/01/1991 to 31/12/1996 Order - Final seniority list of HSA
24-02-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Orders revised
24-02-2011SSLC March 2011 - concession granted to CWSN under IED
24-02-2011List of IED Students for all Districts for SSLC 2011
23-02-2011ICT textbook for standard 9 : Malayalam - English - Tamil
23-02-2011S.S.L.C 2010 -'11 - Blank Hall Ticket
23-02-2011Directions to the Chief Superintendents about SSLC Examination
23-02-2011Attendance and Acquittance models for SSLC IT Exam
23-02-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
22-02-2011LSS-USS admissible Expenditure
22-02-2011KASEPF PROFORMA 4 & 5 (Prepared by Soman Master, Sadgamaya)
21-02-2011Provisional seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSAs eligible for promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
21-02-2011Income Tax Statement (for all) - Form No 16 (If Tax deducted at source on Salary)
21-02-2011SSLC IT Practical Exam Manual
19-02-2011Notification for Civil Services Examination 2011
19-02-2011Time Table for TTC Model Examination 2011
19-02-2011ICT Scheme -Generator wiring diagram
19-02-2011Total Physical Fitness Programme : Students Qualified for 2nd Phase Testing Ernakulam - Aluva - Moovattupuzha -Kothamangalam
19-02-2011Circular from Text book officer about online indenting
18-02-2011Salary Revised for Recognised Un-aided Schools
17-02-2011Inculcate Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 : List of Students Selected
16-02-2011Circular - Special Allowance to Officers involved in money transaction and those engaged for Treasury duty
14-02-2011Circular from Text book Officer about online indent
14-02-2011Ernakulam District ICT Distribution Time Schedules: Aluva - ErnakulamMuvattupuzha
14-02-2011Circular on SSLC I.T Practical Examination 2010 - '11
14-02-2011B.Ed Training Course 2011-2012-Circular and Application
14-02-2011TTC Course 2011-2012 -Circular and Application form
14-02-2011Circular about Diploma in Language education(Arabic,Urudu)& Application form: General Quota - Departmental Quota
14-02-2011Diploma in Language Education(Hindi) Course under Departmental Quota 2011-2012-Circular and Application form
12-02-2011Show Cause Notice to Aided School Managers on providing basic facilities in schools
11-02-2011IT Practical Annual exam 2011 for STD VIII & IX
11-02-2011SSLC -2011 Hall Ticket download - reg;
11-02-2011ICT Distribution to Schools - Ernakulam District (Full)
10-02-2011Budget Speech Malyalam - English
10-02-2011Budget In Brief Part A - Part B - Part C
10-02-2011Annual Plan 2011-12 Introduction - pages 1 to 193 - Pages 194-429
10-02-2011Online Transfer of HM / AEO Circular DPI 01-02-2011
10-02-2011SSLC 2011-Circular for CWSN Students
09-02-2011Laptop to teachers - Price- clerical mistake rectified-Circular
09-02-2011Availing Maternity Leave in different spell - Clrification issued
08-02-2011DPI Circular on Transfer and Postings 2011-2012
08-02-2011Holiday for Milad-e-Sherieff (Regularization of Holiday-order issued)
06-02-2011Directions about the wiring for 3 KVA Online UPS
06-02-2011USS / LSS Consolidation Sheet
05-02-2011Order - Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for HSA - Accepted-
03-02-2011Income Tax Statement Preparation program in Malayalam - Prepared by BABU. V.A, Commerce Teacher, KNMVHSS Vatanappally
03-02-2011Laptop/Netbook Roadshow Details
02-02-2011Higher Secondary Exam- March 2011-Guidelines for submitting applications for Grace marks-regarding.
02-02-2011The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Programme (JENESYS)
01-02-2011SSLC Exam 2011-Instructions to cheif/deputy supdt
31-01-2011SSA Circular about Literary workshop 2010-11
31-01-2011Duty time arrangement of staffs deputed for Census work.
31-01-2011DPI Circular about TPA Account
29-01-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
29-01-2011GPAI Scheme; extension of the time limit for joining the scheme
29-01-2011Full DEO with AEO, Society & Schoolls List for indenting of Textbooks for 2011-2012
29-01-2011Income Tax Calculator 2010-2011 prepared by V.Muraleedharan, Sree Neelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi
28-01-2011Excel Program for the preparation of Arrear DA (16%) Prepared by Prasanth P S, HSST (English), Govt: HSS Punnamoodu (1038), Thiruvananthapuram - 20
28-01-2011Applications invited for enrolment as Assistant Superintendents/Invigilators (External) for PSC Examinations Press Release -Details and Application Form
26-01-2011Circular & directions for General transfer of Junior Superintendents ; date extended to Feb 5
25-01-2011Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest revised
25-01-2011DPI Circular on Milk supply
25-01-2011Instalation guide-SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Examination
24-01-2011SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Exam
23-01-2011Income Tax Deduction from salaries during 2010-2011
22-01-2011Annual Examination 2011 - Time Table
22-01-2011SSLC Model Exam Time Table February 2011
21-01-2011USS/LSS Question Paper Statement 2011
21-01-2011Circular on Grace Marks(Sports)
20-01-2011PSC News: From 1st March 2011, Candidates have to prove their identity in the PSC examination hall with proper documents
19-01-2011Final version of "The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010 as on 14.01.2011
19-01-2011IT@School Circular about Laptop and Netbook for Teachers - Malayalam - English
19-01-2011DPI Circular on Spark Implementation
18-01-201116% increase in DA ordered
18-01-2011Circular about the CE monitoring for STD VIII , IX
18-01-2011Day off for night duty in SSLC dates
18-01-2011Performa to be submitted by ERNAKULAM Ednl.Dist. SITC's on SSLC IT Practical
18-01-2011Prospectus for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Time Table for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Notification for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011English - Malayalam
18-01-2011How Normalization of marks is done
18-01-2011List of Post Offices from where Application Forms are sold List in English - List in Malayalam
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: GO about the Prospectus for Admission to Professional Degree Courses 2011
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: Normalization Committee Expansion
18-01-2011Entrance Exam Reforms for Engineering stream
17-01-2011State Kalolsavam 2011 - Updated Program Notice
17-01-2011Premetric scholarship 2010 -11 Fresher List - Renewal list
17-01-2011DPI Circular about the transfer of Ministerial staff (Gazetted)
16-01-2011Venue of State SRG Training Centers
16-01-2011Notification-Arabic Teachers Examination April 2011
14-01-2011State IT Fest Results: HS Section - HSS Section
14-01-2011Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts - Time limit extended
14-01-2011Observance of Palliative Care Day
14-01-2011Circular on C.E Score SSLC 2010-'11
13-01-2011Portions avoided for SSLC Examination 2010 -11
11-01-2011State IT Fest - Program notice
11-01-2011Samsung ML1640 PRINTER - Refilling Instructions
11-01-2011Canon Lide 100 Scanner Driver for Ubuntu
09-01-2011Laptop for Teachers - Draft Concept Note English Malayalam
08-01-2011State Sasthramela - Overall Results
07-01-2011USS/LSS Notification 2010- 11 Registration Form
07-01-2011GPF Calculator Version 2.2 (Excel Program prepared by Ajayakumar, Head clerk Mullasserry block, Trichur)
06-01-2011Employees Leaving the Country for Visiting Children - Guidelines Issued
06-01-2011Voluntary retirement and Invalid Pension - Allowance of weightage on unification of date of retirement - Orders issued.
06-01-2011State Work Experience Fair UP Results
05-01-20119th Pay Commission Report (Updated)
05-01-2011Manual for Kerala State Special School Kalothsavam
04-01-2011Circular for ACE/AE of SSLC - 2011
04-01-2011General Instruction for ACE/AE of SSLC-2011 Application Filling
01-01-2011Muslim Girls - Nadar Scholarship 2011
01-01-2011Application for the National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education - Instructions
01-01-2011Regularisation order: Leave Sanctioned on the National strike dated 07-09-2010
01-01-2011Ration Rice to Noon Meal Cooks in Schools

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