Story Time - The Funny Crow


A little crow named Kalu once fell off a tree in little Dhruv's garden and Banu the cat was about to eat it.
"Meow!" she mewed and licked her claws. Kalu got scared.
"Caw! Caw!" cried Kalu, hoping that someone would hear him.
Dhruv was at school but his mother was at home. She heared the noise, ran out to see what the matter was and when she saw a cat about to pounce on a crow, she quickly picked Kalu up.
"Shoo! Shoo!" she shouted and chased Banu out of the garden.
Later when Dhruv returned home, he found to his surprise a little crow in a basket!
"Where did he come from?" he asked.
"I rescued it," replied Dhruv's mother. "Look after it well: he's scared."
And this is how Kalu the crow came to live with Dhruv and his family.
Kalu did not eat anything in the beginning but he soon began nibbling at biscuits and bits of fruits. Gradu ally he became stronger and flapped his wings but was he getting ready to fly? Oh! No! Kalu was very happy with Dhruv, and he refused to go away. When Dhruv put the crow out in the verandah and said: "Go, Kalu, join your family," the bird turned to Dhruv and cried "Caw! Caw!" and hopped back into Dhruv's room.
Have you ever seen a funny crow like Kalu? He's small and black but thinks that he is Dhruv's best friend and not a crow at all!

English Story

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