“Illume’’ English Work sheet for Primary Classes

“Illume’’ English Work sheet for STD Primary Classes was Prepared By Mohammed Quasim.M.P [Primary School Teacher, SBS Bitra]. His comments about this worksheet is follows....

In everyday life, children cannot always expect ‘Yeses’, but a lot of ‘Noes’ as well. Parents have to convince their children that having a lot of ‘noes’ is inevitable in the path of success. Parents and teachers have to prepare the children for the path of success, instead of changing the path for comfort of their children. In short, if you prepare your child to adjust, adapt, alter the attitude and to learn coping skills, only then their education will be completed in its totality. A pleasant atmosphere and friendly method of teaching is necessary to ensure the quality of their education process. They are the base of education.

‘’Illume’’ which means light. I am sure that it will be a light to the children of 1 st and 2 nd standard students. It is also sure that, it will be a big helps to the teachers those who are teaching English in these standards. Actually, it was one of my long pending dreams and now it came true. As a primary school teacher, I am very glad and proud to dedicate this Illume to whole children of this coral paradise.

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