The Elves and the Shoemaker - Scene 4


(The next morning. Enter the shoemaker and his wife. They are surprised to see six pairs of shoes on the table.)
Shoemaker: Oh my! Six pairs of shoes!
Shoemaker's wife: Again? Wow, they are pretty too. Who is sewing all these shoes?
Shoemaker: I don't know what’s going on.
(Customers enter the shop as soon as the shoemaker opens the door.)
Customer 2 (A woman): Oh, these are lovely shoes, dear! I would like to buy them.
Customer 3 (A man): Yes, they are. And look at these.
Customer 2: They look great!
Customer 3 (A man): (looking at the shoemaker) We’ll take both these pairs.
Shoemaker: Of course. Thank you very much, Sir.
(Exit Customers, shoemaker and his wife.) (The narrator enters.)
Narrator: The shoemaker sold the shoes straight away. Days passed. Each day, the shoemaker bought more leather. And the next morning, he found new shoes. Soon, the shoemaker became rich.
(The narrator exits. The shoemaker and his wife enter. Now, they are dressed in fine, costly clothes.)
Shoemaker's wife: We must find out who is helping us!
Shoemaker: You’re right! Let’s stay up one night and find out who does it all.
Shoemaker's wife: We must give him a gift.
Shoemaker: Let’s give him a good feast.
Shoemaker’s wife: Definitely.
(Black out)
# Lovely = മനോഹരമായ
We had a lovely time with them.
# Straight Away = ഉടൻതന്നെ
# Costly = വിലപിടിപ്പുള്ള
# Gift = സമ്മാനം
# Feast = സദ്യ
"What a feast!" she said, surveying all the dishes on the table.
# Definitely = നിശ്ചയമായും
He definitely said he'd be here.

1. Will the elves make shoes forever?
Yes / No
2. What will the shoemaker do if the elves stop coming?
The shoemaker will work more hard to get more customers.

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