The Elves and the Shoemaker - Activity 8 (Page 141)

Read the following dialogue from the play:
Customer 1: I would like to have a pair of dark brown shoes. Do you have such a pair?
Shoemaker: Of course sir, we’ve one right there.
Customer 1: What size are those shoes?
Shoemaker: They’re size ten, sir!
What do the customers ask?
Make sentences from the table and write them in the space given below.
How much is that bag?
That's those shoes.
What size is that camera?
Can I take a look at this jacket?
I’ll take too expensive.
1. How much is that bag?
2. That is too expensive.
3. What size is this jacket?
4. Can I take a look at that camera?
5. I'll take those shoes.

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