In the Picture (Page 119)

# A girl is helping her brother in studies / A girl is healping her brother to read his textbook.
# A child is helping a child to build a house with building blocks. / Two children are playing together.
# A boy is fall in down, another boy is coming with a first aid kit. / A boy is helping a child who fell on the road.
# Mother is washing clothes and her children is helping to hang the clothes.
# Mother is in the kitchen, The children's are helping her to wash the plates.
Children do you help your parents, grandparents and friends. How will you help them? Prepare a list of helping others.
# Help mother to clean home.
# Help father in gardening.
# Help father in farming.
# Give food to hen, goat etc.
# Give food to hungry people.
# Clean grandmother's room.
# Share things like pen, pencils, books etc with friends.

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