Bruno, the Puppy - Page 16


Look at the picture what you see in the picture?
Sachin and his father reached which shop here?
In the Vegetable shop.
What is in the hand of the vegetable seller?
A long stick.. he is very angry and saying something....
What will the vegetable seller tell Sachin and his father?
A dog messed up my shop

Read The Following
The pup went away. I will kill him if it comes again.
He messed up my shop.’ The vegetable seller shouted angrily.
‘Look father, he beat my Bruno.’ Sachin started crying.
‘My dear, don’t cry. We will get him back.’ Father patted him on his shoulder.
‘It’s getting late. Let’s go home.’

Find the meaning..
Kill = കൊല്ലും 
Come again = വീണ്ടും വന്നാൽ 
Messed up = കുഴച്ചുമറിക്കുക 
Angrily = ദേഷ്യത്തോടെ 
Beat = അടിച്ചു 
Patted = തലോടി 
Sholder = തോൾ 
Late = താമസിച്ചു , വൈകി 


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