Billu the Dog - Entry Activity

Identify the sound of animals and birds. 
Good morning children 
Do you see animals/birds around us? 
Have you heard the cry of birds/animals? 
Can you identify them ? 
Ok. Then listen to the audio clip of the cries of different animals/birds.Teacher plays the audio of an animal's sound.
 Can you say which animal is this? (free response)
Very good, it's a dog. Shall we play. 
Then the teacher divides the class into two groups.
Teacher instructs them to listen to the sounds carefully and not to speak out unless it's their chance. Teacher now plays the audio clip of an animal 
Gives chance to group 1 to say which animal is it? 
If it is correct then the teacher gives 1 point to them. 
Again the teacher plays the audio clip of another animal/bird and gives chance to the second group to say.
Finally the teacher declares the winner and appreciates them. 
Asks the learners Which of the animals they could identify? 
which of the animals they couldn't identify? 
Learners write the name of animals/ birds in their notebook. 
Teacher concludes that there are some animals/birds you see around and some animals/bird you rarely see.

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