Flying Kites - Activity 04 [Let’s Make a Kite]

These post is related with SCERT Kerala Reader English Reader standard II Unit 2 Flying Kites. Teachers can use this as a teaching tool in the classroom . Let the students watch the video and make a kite.
Take a square shaped colour paper.
Take a splinter and bend it. Place it on the paper as shown in the picture. Fix the two ends of the stick using a tape. Take another splinter, place it across the first one as shown in the picture.

Cut tails from the coloured papers. Paste the tails on the edges of the sticks.Join them with another l long string from the middle, as shown in the picture. Take a roll of strong string. Tie one end to the kite. Loosen the roll as the kite flies.

Your kite is ready. Now, you can fly your kite.
How to Make Newspaper Kite At Home

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