Uses of Animals

1. Animals help us to obtaining food like Milk (cow, buffalo, goat ) Honey and Meat (oat, sheep, pig, fish, deer, hen, duck, etc.)
2. They reduce the burden of work like transporting peoples and goods from one place to another. Bullock, camel, donkey, elephant, horse, etc. are such animals.
3. Some animals clean our environment. Crow, Pig etc..
4. Some of the animals of them consume the pests of our environment. Animal dung and bird-drop-pings are used for making manures.
5. Some animals are used for safety of house and persons. eg: Dog
6. Some animals are used for entertainment. (Elephants, Monkeys in Circus)
7. Wool , Leather and Silk.
8. Honey Wax which is used for making candles.

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